ForVida Demo Up and Running

Health Revolution Sciences Inc. has launched a new Website demonstrating its remote health care monitoring capabilities for perspective patients and care givers.

Called ForVida, the software application represents a sea change in health care technology.

Using existing monitors the process greatly expands patient mobility by feeding health care professionals real time electrocardiogram (EKG) and heart rate information without any of the previous restrictions. Anywhere a smart phone can go, so can the patient.

“The novelty is it doesn’t require the patient to bring their cardiac information in for review,” project engineer Richard Stephens said. “It’s all done in real time, automatically, with no limits as to the length of EKG.”

The software allows physicians and patients to watch streaming cardiac telemetry or reference steadily growing actionable patient EKG and heart rate histories.

The user friendly process is simple. Patients with prescriptions from participating doctors wear monitoring pads attached to a hand held monitoring device that can fit into a pocket. The size of a smart phone, the Bluetooth-enabled monitor sends a signal to the user’s cell phone which directs the secure information to the ForVida Website.

From the portable monitor, patients can also send status messages to their doctors.

The software application promises to revolutionize how people with chronic conditions live while streamlining the care giving process.

Initially geared to handle cardiac cases, ForVida is flexible enough to include other afflictions such as Diabetes and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

“We want to stress that this software is adaptable to any kind of chronic condition or remote monitoring system a physician would like to incorporate into their health care plan,” Stephens said.

The new site can be reached directly at or through its parent company’s home page at


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