Thank you for considering an investment with Health Revolution Sciences.  We here at Health Revolution Sciences believe we have a great concept and the hard-working intelligent people to execute our concept and bring it to market. 

We are looking for investors with the vision and courage to team with us to bring to market a groundbreaking technology we call ForVida (meaning “For Life”).  ForVida is our technology platform that connects existing medical devices to the IT cloud and the web (we don’t manufacture the medical devices we just enable them to work in a cloud computing environment).   We use a proprietary Java handset application and connect via Bluetooth to the medical device; the data is then transported to our cloud-based database servers.  The data can then (if desired) be monitored by a monitoring center (like Brinks does for your home), or be viewed on an encrypted website by a healthcare provider.  There are already CPT codes for this type of monitoring and this can be billed to Medicare.

This is a technology that is poised to become a significant component of the healthcare industry – let me explain:

  • Doctors will need to handle more patients with the onslaught of retiring Baby Boomers – ForVida will allow doctors to view the information more real-time and possibly offset some of the burden to monitoring centers.
  • It is a “green” technology in that it can reduce travel by car for unnecessary doctor visits to simply collect vital information (EKG, blood work, etc.) – ForVida will transport the data to secure servers for monitoring or review.
  • Tele-health is expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry in the next decade.
  • In 10-15 years this technology will exist and be ubiquitous – the only question is – Can HRSI gain a piece of the global market expected to be $50B by 2025. (The answer is yes, via our patent portfolio)

We aim to be nothing less than the of the medical device world – a “killer app” for healthcare.

Deloitte 2008 Healthcare Consumer Survey states, “Consumers are highly receptive to devices and self‐monitoring systems that permit them to monitor their own health condition and care at home.” This same Deloitte survey estimates that over $2 trillion was spent on healthcare in 2007 making it one of the largest industries in the United States, and the study also states that this sector is expected to double to $4 trillion in the next five years. HRSI is at the right place at the right time…with the right product…and the right execution team ‐ this industry will grow substantially in the coming decade.

The tremendous inefficiencies in the healthcare industry ‐ in excess of 30% in some areas of healthcare services ‐ provide an extraordinary opportunity to reduce costs. The projected savings that will be realized from implementing Telehealth services is $160 billion, annually. At the same time, these same services will actually improve patient outcomes by providing doctors and patients alike with up‐to‐date accurate information for assessing patient health and determining appropriate treatments; not to mention savings for the environment by reducing trips to the doctor’s office.

Services like the ForVidaTM personal health remote monitoring system are one of the critical components of the telehealth market.  Forrester Research anticipates the growth rate in Telehealth to reach the high double digits level sometime in the first half of the next decade, growing from $5 billion in annual revenues in 2010 to over $35 billion by the year 2015.

Think about this…  Smartphone technology is where PCs were in the mid-90’s.  There has been an absolute explosion of smartphones and “apps” on the market, but this just mimics the early days of PC with Word or Excel.  The next wave will be where business apps and internet connected systems will allow companies to establish dominance in various market segments.  We are now at this “strategic inflection point” in the smartphone industry – and intellectual property is the key to gaining an advantage in an emerging market.

HRSI has submitted three separate patent applications for the technology used in creation of the For Vida ™ service offering.

Three U.S. patents pending with the US Patent Office:

  1. Covers the handset (cell phone device),
  2. Covers the handset software
  3. Covers the server/portal software.

These patent applications are available upon request. They will also be extended to be foreign patents then possible.

The ForVida software is designed to be a simple and easy to use interface on a mobile device (Cell phone or handset) that transports medical monitoring data from multiple Bluetooth medical devices (such as a Cardiac ECG monitor) to an internet portal for display, analysis, and monitoring.

The HRSI ForVida ™ System is designed to give 24/7 remote monitoring for chronic conditions such as diabetes or post‐operative cardiac care.

It is comprised of:

  1. A handset with proprietary HRSI software
  2. An internet portal hosted in a scalable, high‐uptime environment. 

The handset software allows the user to set up 24/7 monitoring, connect to multiple Bluetooth devices and transport the data from those devices to the HRSI portal. Data can then be pushed to other portals like Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault if desired by the customer.

HRSI’s strategy is to become a leader in the telehealth segment of the healthcare market by executing the following initiatives for HRSI’s For Vida ™:

  • Provide services to critically ill cardiac patients and bill healthcare payers with the new CPT codes
  • Promote as a cost savings method to healthcare payers and encourage them to drive physician use
  •  Utilize relationships with companies such as Cormatrix and UroMed to drive sales in cardiac  surgeon’s offices.
  • Initially drive the sales campaign to physicians, patients or payers who are driven to find cost savings or better monitoring    
  • Distribute product through multiple channels such as retail websites, direct sales and partnerships with complementary companies

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about HRSI.  If you require further information or would like to invest in this unique opportunity please contact us or email us at