James M. O’Brien Jr., M.Md.Sc.


Jim is a serial entrepreneur with a background in consulting, product design and development, and business operations.  He has been on the management team of several companies and is currently the part-owner in a Medical Physics consulting group and the CEO of Health Revolution Sciences. 

He is a graduate of Auburn (Physics, 1983) and Emory University (Medical Physics, 1984).  Jim started his career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force.  During that period he was a consultant working at worldwide facilities in radiation protection and nuclear weapons emergency response, as well as the operations manager of a radiochemistry laboratory and the leader of the Air Force Primary Radiation Standards Calibration Laboratory.  After leaving the Air Force as a Captain, Jim consulted as a Health Physicist for the Department of Energy (DOE) and with many commercial facilities.  Later, using his entrepreneurial skills he was a founder and principal of a software company that developed a web-based project management package used by BellSouth International and other international clients.   During this period, his team also did professional IT consulting to several large clients such as Syncor (now Cardinal Health) and Citizens Conferencing.

His depth of experience in the technical and business arenas are a vital asset to HRSI, as we move to make this a new product based on the fusion of medical devices and IT technology.


William H. Bhame


 As COO, Bill leads HRSI’s mission of “Powering the Healthcare Revolution TM” by providing health care consumers with revolutionary communications technology to take charge of their own health care information.  Bill has over twenty-five years of entrepreneurial business experience in U.S. and International markets.  Having successfully developed wireless telecommunications networks and powerful Internet software applications in his previous ventures, Bill is now focused on organizing the necessary corporate resources and developing the strategic relationships with manufacturers, sales channels, logistics companies, and financing providers for HRSI to profitably deliver its e-Health products to market.  Bill earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he frequented the Dean’s List for Academic Excellence, served on the Student Judiciary Cabinet, and was a member of the ATO Fraternity.  He was also the first self-employed co-op student in the State of Georgia.  Bill and his wife Natalie have been married for 22 years. 


Beth Spencer

Sales and Marketing

Beth is a sales and marketing dynamo; she earned a BS in Consumer Sciences from the University of Georgia, where she was a member of the KKG fraternity, interned with several businesses and graduated with honors on the Dean’s list for Academic Excellence.  Beth is an entrepreneur with over 22 years experience with a focus on consulting and project development.  She has been instrumental in the market research for HRSI as well as developing market opportunities and capital investments for HRSI.  She is a passionate patient advocate for cardiac and cancer patients and sees HRSI services as a way to bridge the gap in the healthcare system between the hospitals, doctors, and patients’ needs.  She will be leading the team to get our services into cardiology practices.  Beth and her husband, Troy, have been married for 22 years and are together raising three beautiful daughters.


Warren G. Parish III

Corporate Communications

Warren is a media consultant who started with HRSI in 2010.

He is a former a community journalist who concentrated on political reporting for print news publications in remote coalfields of Eastern Kentucky and around the Washington, D.C., beltway.

His last news assignment was for The Gazette, a Washington Post affiliate with a 500,000 circulation in Maryland. He has broken news on everything from hazardous waste sites in Appalachia to Annapolis statehouse politics. His portfolio includes articles on emerging e-health initiatives designed to improve health care and curb ballooning costs.

Warren holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the Sunshine State’s honors college, New College of Florida.


Brad Brown

Software Development

Brad has been a software developer and architect for over 22 years, with extensive experience in enterprise Java, C++, and Oracle development.  He was the lead architect for Cardinal Health’s radiopharmaceutical pharmacy management system, as well as developer for United Parcel Service’s cost and pricing models.  Most recently, he served as implementation development manager for VSoft, overseeing custom development of banking software for customers such as Citibank, US State Department Federal Credit Union, and Colonial Bank.  Brad earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, and he is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery.


Richard A. Stephens

Biomedical Engineer