Corp. Info

Management Team

HRSI’s current Management Team and Board of Directors (the “Board”) is composed of William “Bill” Bhame and James “Jim” O’Brien. Bill has owned a telecommunications consulting company and has several patents in the wireless industry. He has worked both in the US and abroad in Australia and Brazil. Jim is a medical physicist and software developer, who was the President and CTO of the last venture that he and Bill formed, which was a multimillion dollar web software company that provided advanced project management tracking for wireless network deployment. After Bill and Jim sold that company, they have been looking for other opportunities, and HRSI is the manifestation of that goal. The Company’s current technology development team is composed of former consultants to leading technology companies, both inside and outside the healthcare information systems industry.

Board of Advisors

HRSI’s current Advisory Board is composed of Dr. Robert Matheny and Dr. Mark Braunstein. Dr. Matheny is a noted Cardiothoracic Surgeon with over 20 years of experience.

Dr. Matheny is a key team member at the medical technology company Cormatrix. He has been instrumental in successfully developing and marketing their extracellular matrix materials which are now widely used in numerous cardiovascular applications. Dr. Braunstein is the Director of the Enterprise Innovation Institute at Georgia Tech and a successful entrepreneur in the medical industry. Additional directors from the medical and consumer products industries will be added to the board in the near future before HRSI brings it products to market.

Strategic Partners and Relationships

HRSI has currently developed strategic relationships with several companies that will form our value chain. These current and projected partnerships include:

  • Verizon Wireless ‐ HRSI is currently a Verizon Wireless Open Development Initiative (ODI) partner and will have access to place devices on the Verizon network with specialized pricing. Verizon has offered HRSI a highly flexible bundle of services including basic no‐contract data plans, customer service, and even monthly consumer billing.
  • UPS ‐ United Parcel Service has offered HRSI a national strategic partnership for international procurement services, inventory warehousing, shipping, and technical support services for handset and medical device hardware associated with the ForVidaTM remote health monitoring system
  • CorMatrix – Dr. Rob Matheny is on our Board of Advisors and is on the management team at CorMatrix. They sell an acellular biomatrix used in pericardial closures. HRSI will team with CorMatrix on visits to physician’s offices for initial sales of the ForVidaTM system.
  • UroMed – UroMed is an Alpharetta‐based national distributor of durable medical equipment (DME). The UroMed‐HRSI partnership will be used for sales, order fulfillment, management of the reimbursement documentation, and medical insurance billing.
  • Phillips or ADT – Since we are still in the development of the initial software we have decided to wait to sign‐up a monitoring partner, but several are being considered – including Phillips and ADT.
  • Alive Technologies, Medtronic’s (MiniMed), and other Bluetooth device manufacturers ‐ Alive Technologies of Brisbane Australia has agreed to collaborate with HRSI for the use of their award winning, Bluetooth equipped heart rate monitor. Frost and Sullivan recently recognized Alive for their innovative product development work healthcare. HRSI is also currently searching for other medical device manufacturers to partner with.